The Sounds of Apartment Living (#WriteWednesday #Prose)


The sound of …

Birds singing

Squirrels running through leaves

Children splashing in the pool

Cars speeding on the nearby road

Neighbors opening and closing windows

Car doors closing

Footsteps on the stairs

A tennis ball being volleyed back and forth over the net

Murmured conversations from neighbors sitting on their balconies

Dogs barking while walking their owners

Heavy lifting equipment emptying commercial garbage receptacles

Maintenance men cutting grass on riding lawn mowers

The medical transport vehicles beeping waiting for a blind neighbor to come outside

The mailperson knocking to deliver a package requiring a signature

The door being unlocked and locked after a neighbor signs for it


Knowing that even though you live alone, you’re not alone

Because you hear the sounds of life coming in to you from outside

The sounds of apartment living

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