Taking Time

Taking Time.train derailment

It’s not always the hustle and bustle of life

In all honesty, it’s sometimes the whirlwind in my own head that keeps me derailed

Time always goes

It arrives to depart

It never stands still

Though in my mind it’s unmoving

Taking time.stopped time

Until I realize my list of things to do has grown beyond half of a page

Until the date on the calendar begs my attention

Until my phone’s task alarm sounds

It’s then that I’m brought back into Now

The Present 

The real present, not the ‘whirlwind in my mind present’

My mind’s train journeys back onto the track

Picks up speed

Tasks are completed

The hustle and bustle of life isn’t as hustling or bustling

Was it an illusion 

An excuse

Taking time.time illusion

A way to shirk off the responsibility that time

My time, time given to me 

Is mine to do with as I please

Even if I’m pleased to waste it

Not now 

Not today

Today I’m taking time … to say

Taking time.Merry Christmas


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