Posted 5/9/2014: I will sporadically “post” poetry that I currently have copyright registration for. I am researching how to have my poetry collection published.

Posted 5/14/2014: The following is the preface to my poetry collection book

I compiled my poetry writings from my teenage years to young adult years. It seemed ironic that I wrote a lot about love, what it meant and what it felt like. Ironic because the years of these writings were filled with loneliness, depression, and feelings of abandonment. I will share more about my feelings in another book, a Christian fiction novel inspired by my real life experiences. As I continue to reflect on my writings of love and how I actually felt during those times, I see that the Lord was already doing a work in my heart. God was showing me that regardless of how I felt, His love was waiting for me. How can someone so depressed, someone who felt so unloved, write about love? I attribute my writings about love to the Holy Spirit, Who had given me a love that I had yet to understand.

The pain in my younger years caused a shadow of darkness over many of my writings. My young adult years showed light, in that there are glimmers of hope and more talk about the love of God and how He cared for me. The collection is presented in chronological order, so that you are able to journey with me, and experience my personal growth and spiritual maturity and acknowledgement of the Lord.

Posted 9/25/15: I’ve made some changes to my “Pages” during the rebuilding of my site. You can find a list of my poetry by using the “Category Search” drop-down menu in the sidebar.

I thank you for sharing in the journey of my past and I welcome you to continue on with me in the journal of future writings.

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