Savages by Christina Bergling (Review)

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I enjoyed the phenomenological writing style, which gave us insight into the character’s thoughts, emotions, actions, and reactions. The flashback scenes were placed in such a way that they flowed with the story, almost seemed a part of the present, while it was clear that it was the past and gave further insight into the character’s thought processes and emotions. As I’m writing this review, I’m thinking of the movie ‘I Am Legend,” with Will Smith being the sole survivor, always searching for more survivors while trying to maintain some semblance of normalcy. The story shows us how the characters ‘new’ lives became their ‘new normal,’ and the struggles they had in letting go of the past. It felt as if I were walking in their boots, sleeping beside them in the dirt, mind alert and body tense when walking through destroyed cities.

There were only two cons for me with this story:
1) The use of the “f” word seemed really unnecessary. In some books, it’s expected. It just seemed out of place for me here. The story seemed to show the humanness, their internal struggles, and the care they grew to have for each other and so to continually use the “f” word seemed too harsh (in my opinion).
2) Somewhere along 35-40% a new male character (Uriah) was introduced into the story. Sentences would begin with “he said,” “he looked,” “he turned,” etc. without reference to which “he” was being spoken of (Uriah or the male lead). It was confusing. 

The book was well edited, making it an easy read. I rate this book five stars. Well done.



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