Learning what Love Wasn’t Led to Knowing what Love Was (#GodsLove)


Love was a curious thing to her; it wasn’t emotional. As an adolescent you know your parent or parents love you by how they treat you. Her father wasn’t around and her mother worked all the time to pay the mortgage, utilities, buy food, clothes, and whatever else was needed to maintain the house. Continue reading Learning what Love Wasn’t Led to Knowing what Love Was (#GodsLove)

Forgive and Live Free

God loved us before we were born. Christ died for our sins, for us to have abundant life now and to live in eternity with Him, before we ever received His free gift.  So why do we hold grudges against others? Why do we cease speaking to those we perceived harmed us in some way? Why do we demand apologies through passive-aggressive gestures and words? Continue reading Forgive and Live Free

Be the One Who Cares

Don’t be so quick to judge or explain away someone else’s behavior or attitude. Their reaction, seemingly, toward you may not be directed toward you at all. Take a moment before you develop a negative attitude and think of yourself in that person’s place. Think of reasons you may have reacted the way they did. Have compassion and empathy for them regardless of not knowing their situation. And, smile, a genuine smile.

People can tell a heartfelt smile from an I’m-pretending-to-be-friendly smile. A genuine smile is easy to do. Think of a time when things weren’t going so well for you and you felt bummed out or annoyed or frustrated. You looked around and realized someone was looking at you. He or she smiled at you and it felt as if your load was a little lighter – a genuine smile will have that affect. A genuine smile is a person’s way of showing they care, whether they know you or not. Be the person who smiles, it’s free. Be the one who cares.

Share a story below of a time when you received a genuine smile and how it made you feel.

What You Say About Yourself vs What Others Say About You

She says she’s a good woman, dedicated, easy going, and friendly. He says he’s a good man, hardworking, a gentleman, caring, and giving. The question is – is that what they say or is that what others say about them? It’s often forgotten that people view you differently than you view yourself. You may be seeing yourself as you want to be. You see yourself as the perfect you. 

I’m reminded of an interview question – ‘what are three words your friends or previous coworkers would use to describe you?’ That answer may be more authentic than asking you how you would describe yourself. No one wants to think badly of themselves and that’s not what this article is about. This is about being honest with yourself – about yourself.  Continue reading What You Say About Yourself vs What Others Say About You

Commit To What?

The question, “What do you want?” is usually asked when new people first meet each other, usually during the first date or during a phone call before the first date. Answers may vary, but most will say something like, “I want to be in a committed relationship.” During the date, the person’s true intentions may surface, causing one to ponder what they meant by “commit.” People say they’ll commit, my question is commit to what? Building a relationship with me, building a friendship and not seeing other people while getting to know me, to determine if they want to build a relationship with me, or to being physically intimate with only me?  Continue reading Commit To What?