My Purpose vs God’s Plan (#BiblicalInspiration)


There are numerous times, more times than I can count, that I purpose in my heart to do a certain thing.

I check into it, leave messages, prepare myself for the call so I can jump into action – not knowing at the time my purpose, my plan, isn’t or wasn’t God’s plan for me. I realize when something unexpected happens which causes my plan to go by the wayside there aren’t any ill-feelings, or questions of “why not?,” because there’s the understanding of what God wills … will happen.

So in the meantime and in the in-between time I’ll continue to set my heart to follow after God. His perfect will … will be manifested in my life.



Share a time when you purposed to do something and later realized it wasn’t God’s plan for you. I look forward to reading your experiences.

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Stay blessed.

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