Writing for Publication or Freelance Gigs (#WriteWednesday)


I created a monthly writing schedule, which if followed, would have allowed me to have a good portion of my novel finished along with articles for freelance writing jobs. After all, couldn’t we all use money finding its way into our banking account?

Writing for publication is what I consider my poetry collection, novel and an inspirational women’s book on the shelf, short stories, and flash fiction. Writing for publication requires time spent on writing-related items (what do you mean “writing-related?”).

Writing for freelance jobs requires researching to find sites looking for your specialty and putting in bids for jobs. The pay is minimal and you’d have to write on a constant basis to make enough money to brag about. There’s a site called Freedom With Writing (http://www.freedomwithwriting.com/) that I signed up for that sends me emails of links for possible writing jobs, which equals more research.

I found myself at a crossroads when I realized my writing schedule wasn’t worth much. I’d either overspend time writing or doing writing-related things for publication or for freelance work. I wasn’t able to do both while maintaining my websites. I knew I had to make a choice. Yes, I need money now, and no this isn’t J.G. Wentworth – a pathetic joke referencing their commercials. But, the money made from freelance work really wasn’t enough to make a difference in my account.

So, I made a choice to spend the majority of my time writing for publication and, instead of looking for freelance work, researching organizations or sites that would accept my short stories and flash fiction. Money from a story or essay pays more than freelance writing jobs and could open the door for contract positions as well as name recognition.

The bottom line was to find which choice was right for me. My choice was found in the answer to these questions, “Why are you writing? What is your end goal?” My answer was, “To become a published author, whether traditionally or as an indie author.” It was clear the only way I would reach my goal sooner rather than later would be to focus on writing for publication.

Are you a newbie to the writing career as I am? What are your goals? Have you found yourself at a crossroads? What choices do you have? What choice will you make?


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