Where Did 2017 Go & What Happened (#WritersJournal)


WOW! It’s December already. So, let me back up and share what I’ve been doing this year. As you read, you’ll understand why I haven’t been posting much. Let’s begin with January.

The first month of this year, I was still feeling out of sorts, depressed actually, over a family member needing to go into a nursing home in the fall of 2016. I finally realized that I’d been grieving. Though they were still alive, they’d never be who they once were and because of that I felt they were dead and I needed to adjust to this ‘new’ person. It remains an ongoing challenge, though I’m handling it much better. Family support has been amazing and my individual counseling has been very helpful.

February: I was rear-ended while stopped at a red light. The trauma from the accident caused new bodily pain as well as exacerbated my chronic joint pain, for which I’m a disabled veteran. I continue receiving medical care from the VA for my disability and remain in treatment twice a week from the accident pain. Tests have revealed both herniated and bulging discs in my upper and lower back, as well as two pinched nerves in my neck. OUCH!

March: I began developing hives and over time they were visible over most of my body. I’ve always had sensitive skin, food intolerances, as well as typical allergies and asthma. I couldn’t figure out what caused the hives this time and I was quite miserable. Doctor’s visits, appointments with an allergist – the result was four medications on top of my regular daily allergy medications. I was beyond loopy. I was nonfunctional. This lasted about four straight months.

July: the hives started decreasing and I was able to taper myself off those additional medications.

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August: I began feeling human again. I was still dealing with the emotional loss of the family member going into the nursing home. Hive-wise I was feeling better. Pain-wise, the medical appointments continued.

September and October: I was back to visiting family at least once a month in Jersey as well as obligating myself to attend socials at least once a month. I tend to isolate when not feeling well and know the importance of getting out of the apartment and being around friendly and familiar faces.

November: I signed on to NaNoWriMo and didn’t make much progress. The manuscript is still sitting on my desk. One of the great things about stories is they stay where you put them. If only they had an audible voice to call me to them and demand I work on them.

Now, here’s December: I’ve written a few articles here and there. More to add to the list of 30+ pieces I still need to edit and revise to prepare for publication.

As you’ve just read, 2017 was quite the year. I’m sure you each have your own stories of challenges and successes. Feel free to comment and share what you’ve been up to.

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