What I Watch & Why – What Do You Watch & Why

What I watch and why I like it:

Bates Motel: I was a fan of the Psycho movies. I saw all five of them. The Bates Motel series does a great job providing a backstory explaining why Norman is the way he is. Bates Motel also continues to surprise me with elements, such as Norma having a brother and the nature of their relationship. Each episode keeps me waiting for the next one. Having a degree in psychology, I enjoy seeing how that factor plays itself out in the series.

Hannibal: I have degrees in Criminal Justice and Psychology, this show is a great combination of the two.

Sleepy Hollow: Is just plain creepy … and I like that lol. I really enjoy how naïve Crane is and I appreciate seeing a woman of color as a lead character.

Hell’s Kitchen: I have watched Hell’s Kitchen since the second season. I really don’t know how I missed the first one. Since watching it, I have been hooked! I am not a good cook and it, along with Master Chef, amazes me with what people can cook and from what ingredients. No, I have never tried any of the recipes :-). I just enjoy watching their creativity. Okay, I admit it, I also like seeing Chef Ramsey dish out his tough love :-)

Master Chef: I have watched Master Chef for about two years now. I enjoy seeing the creativity of the cooks. I appreciate that they are “home cooks,” and are given the chance to follow their dream to become professional chefs.

Face Off: Again, just the sheer creativity of what the artists do. I learned how to do my own makeup from watching YouTube and the caliber of the makeup they do on this show just amazes me. I express my creativity through writing. As my mom used to say to me, “I can’t draw a straight line with a ruler.” I am HORRIBLE at drawing, molding, using clay, anything of that sort. How someone can take appliances and makeup and create such creatures is shocking and surprising to watch – in a good way.

The Leftovers (HBO Series):this is a series which I have watched since the first episode. It drew my attention due to the “rapture-like” occurrence in the opening episode. As a Christian, I was interested to see how they were going to explain what happened. I appreciated them showing it as NOT the rapture (the preacher going around telling, and showing with flyers, the sins of some of those who disappeared). The storyline holds my interest simply because I want to know what the people in white want. I am hoping the storyline doesn’t fold over into itself, meaning sometimes I watch a series or a movie and the ending is so horrible that it ruins my entire viewing process and I get mad at myself for watching it in the first place.

The Returned: this is a new series in which people died, returned to their life with no memory of them dying. At the close of the most recent episode some were beginning to realize they had indeed died. I’m interested to see what will happen and how the story will progress. This show satisfies my horror/suspense palate.

So, … what do you watch and why? 

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