Gay Bar/Drag Show Experience

I visited an out-of-state friend to attend and celebrate her graduation. I told her for her gift, we would go wherever she wanted to go or do whatever she wanted to do (movies, dinner, shopping, etc.). Well, some friends of her from school invited her to go to a drag show. I thought, “Oh, boy!” I am a person of my word. If I say I’m going to do something, I try my best to do it, unless the Lord gives me a clear “NO!” So, I said, “okay.” I had never been to a drag show or a gay bar in my entire life and I’m 44 years old. Of course, I was praying for the Lord to cover me and keep me.

Entering the gay bar was well … an experience. We had to walk past the bar to go to the side room where the stage was for the drag show. The best way I can describe it was interesting. I saw the people living out scriptures (not the good scriptures). I thought about how people will do what they think is best, think they are not hurting anyone, if it feels right and done in “love” then it’s okay and God doesn’t mind, and on and on. I was thanking the Lord knowing that His Spirit was alive within me, why else would I be sitting there at a drag show in a gay bar and thinking of scripture. I began to feel agitated at thinking, “how can these people really think this is okay?” It was then the Lord reminded me, it’s not the “people,” it is “what” is influencing the people and them allowing it due to their own sinful nature. When the Lord reminded me of that, I began to feel sad. Sad knowing that unless they repent, they will be spiritually lost and when they die, they will experience the second death. It was not a happy thought. So, there I was sitting there and praying even more for the souls in that bar. God reminded me that He loves everyone, it is their sin that He hates.

Somewhere during the evening, one of the drag queens walked by our table. She/He said, “Oh no, someone’s not having fun,” looking at me. I said, “I’m okay.” The drag queen said something like, “I see she doesn’t have a drink, somebody get her a drink.” An acquaintance said, “She doesn’t drink.” The queen said, “Oh! I don’t know what to say to that. I’m speechless, I thought alcohol was the answer to all problems.” I started to say, “Oh, no, honey, Jesus is the answer to all problems!” That was my flesh wanting to become indignant. God is not a bully. I was in a gay bar, I was not in my home or God’s home. I was in enemy territory and I had volunteered to be there, and was there with God’s covering. The comment by the performer caused me to pray even harder. Not only did the people there thinking cross-dressing was okay, they also thought and believed homosexual behavior was okay, and that drinking and being drunk was okay. Much prayer was needed and much praying I did that evening. It was not my battle to fight. The battle is the Lord’s.

I can honestly say that I was glad that I went and experienced first-hand what occurred behind closed doors that shouldn’t occur anywhere. I was glad to have experienced that because it changed how I pray. I joked later that I could scratch “gay bar and drag show off my bucket list, but then again, it wasn’t on my bucket list!” That statement always makes people laugh.

I do believe that if/when God allows us to leave our “comfort zone” we should, and that we should use that experience to draw us closer to the Lord in prayer for our safety and the repentance of others.

The next morning we went to church. I sat there thinking, “gay bar, drag show Saturday night and church Sunday morning. Something is really wrong.” On the heels of that thought, I prayed some more.

Let me know what your thoughts are on my going there and my experience. Let me know if you would have gone back on your word, whether or not you would have prayed, etc. Also, let me know what scriptures come to your mind as you read what I wrote.

I look forward to reading your thoughts.

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