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A couple years ago I created what I titled a “Focus List.”

It was a list of items that needed my attention for editing/revision; poems, prose, flash fiction, and short stories. I enjoy writing so much that I tend to procrastinate with editing and revising. I kept adding to the list over the months. I now have over 30 pieces on that list and am determined to get through it. Since some have been written so long ago, I will definitely be looking at it with fresh eyes, which is great for editing/revising. Also, I’ve come across a few people who will also have eyes on my work. I don’t have an editor, so their help is greatly appreciated. I may not be adding much by way of stories on this site, but I will keep updating where I am with the Focus List. I’m determined to get those pieces to a place where I’m comfortable publishing them, which in and of itself is an entirely different journey, though still a part of the overall picture.

Thank you for your patience.

Comments welcome on your own writing/editing/revising/publishing journey.

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