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It’s on my About Me page that I was in the military, and am I’m actually a disabled veteran. My disability is primarily chronic joint pain and I was recently approved for acupuncture. This series will be a journal of my experiences with it and I’ll likely use the same picture unless the pin placement differs throughout the treatment.

2/18/16 was my first treatment. It began at 4:30pm.

One needle was placed in each hand in the meat of the thumb on the back side. I didn’t feel it, though I felt periodic soreness throughout the session in that area. The soreness came and went, never lasting longer than a few seconds at a time.

Three needles were placed in/around each ear. 20160223_160128

I experienced soreness at the injection site throughout the session. My jawline felt tight and soon so did my entire face. It felt as if my head were in a vice. I repeatedly opened and closed my mouth attempting to relieve the pressure and tightness, which didn’t work.

After the pins were placed, the doctor put on meditation music and dimmed the lights. He said he’d check on my in about 20 minutes and he did.


The session ended at 5:15pm. The doctor helped me sit up and asked how I felt. I shared my feelings about the soreness and tightness. To add to it, there was a crick in my neck from the pillow placed underneath my head. We decided to try a different position or table for me for the next treatment.

It’s 8:30pm and I’m experiencing soreness in both ears. I haven’t noticed a difference in my hip, knee, or right shoulder pain level.

My next appointment is scheduled for 2/23/16.

I’d love to read about any experiences you’ve had with acupuncture.






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