#Acupuncture Diary

I was recently approved for acupuncture. This series will be a journal of my experience with it. I’ll likely use the same pictures unless the pin placement differs throughout the treatment.

2/23/16 was my second treatment. Read about my first one HERE.


I was taken to a different room with a different table and headrest than my previous treatment room. The table was more comfortable. This treatment began about 3:15pm with the doctor placing one pin each (again) in the meat of my thumb on the back side. The injection site on my left hand was painful, I tried to give it time to dissipate as he placed the pins in my ears. The pain in my hand continued and he removed it.

There wasn’t any soreness in my right hand nor in my ears during this session. I didn’t experience the facial tightness that I had last time.

I rested comfortably in the dimly lit room while listening to the meditation music. The doctor checked on me after about 15 minutes to make sure I was doing okay.

The treatment lasted about 45 minutes. The doctor helped me sit up and we talked about how I was feeling. I had another crick in my neck and we decided I may try sitting up for the next session. He asked if I noticed any difference in my pain level. I honestly can say I didn’t. Afterwards, while typing this I thought about how I could measure my pain level. I do want to know if acupuncture is working for me. I decided to log how often I take my pain medication. I allow my body to tell me when to take it. If I realize I’m taking it less … it means I’m in less pain and the acupuncture treatments are working. I’ll also keep track of my physical activity as that may, too, determine my pain levels.

It’s 6:09pm and there is very mild soreness in my ears, much less than the last time.

My next appointment is scheduled for 3/1/16.

I’d love to read about any experiences you’ve had with acupuncture.

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