Absence and Presence (#WriteWednesday #WritersJournal #WriteLife)

As can be seen from this website, I’ve been absent minus uploading the Prayer Calendar each month. I’ve been absent here with posting, though present in day to day life.

Present & Absent.Coming or Going

The summer of last year brought me quite a few challenges, along with my daily disability and other struggles. I realized I didn’t have the strength to bare it all and found myself cutting back on everything that wasn’t a direct priority. To make a long story (or technically a short story) short, I made the choice as Power of Attorney to have a family member admitted into a nursing home due to a diagnosis of Dementia. It was an emotionally draining and physically exhausting process, one in which I am just now, almost one year later, coming to terms with.

Present & Absent.What Happens

I’ve been getting back in the habit of posting regularly, writing articles and stories, as well as editing and revising earlier works I’ve written. I’ve committed to writing a short story of the events of the past year. I won’t post it here as I’ve decided to have it published upon completion. 

I thank all of you for being here in my absence and I look forward to being more present.

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